You succumb anyway.
You have to sometimes just so as to calm the way.
You’re veins are gushing with streaming words but it’s pointless.
You’re voice ain’t being heard anyway.


There ain’t silver lining everywhere.

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Articulating subtle feelings not so subtly!

        You know that beautiful feeling you experience when you’re in that one place and being there every fucking time makes you feel even more awesome than the last time. Whistling Woods International is that place for me. In fact I’d rather be in my school than be at home it makes me that happy. Well I feel that way cause it’s obviously ten times bigger than my own apartment & it’s got a great campus & it’s got a fucking pool table what MBA school has that eh!
          I’m a completely different person while I’m writing because I tend to extraordinarily brag about things that I love and WWI is going to be one such subject. I’m also convinced of myself that I hate doing events and guess what? My live assignment is organizing one! And to my very surprise I’m doing just fine with it.         

Now because change is inevitable especially to a fluctuating mind like mine I’m really glad that I left the financial background and I happened to choose mass communication at WWI. Doing these weird assignments in Ad, Tv ; Radio class is kinda fun. Well now I finally feel my right membrane works on a much more regular basis and that I’m more creatively active than ever.    
   And finally it’s the company you are with makes you want to come back every time. I have met some strong personalities, an eye contact friend (we actually can spell things out for each other just with one glance), a spark friend, some real cool kids, weird kids, smarty pants & also sexy pants *winks* (my close buddies will get that) and honestly if it isn’t for them WWI would be so maddeningly boring!So thank you to all you guys and WWI. You’ll make me smile even for smallest reason like sending back a smiling glance or just plainly being around you’ll.Signing Off.