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The Penultimate Five Not To Do’s Guide

Guide One – Do not – Plan the ultimate Leh & Goa Vacation!  

  • This is not something you pile on but a memory you carry down to your legacy. So get up, take that corporate yearly packaged leave they offer you and if your a freelancer, even better! Travel by train or a bus so that you meet different travellers on the way also that it’s cheaper. The advantage of such travel is that you can detour to any other spot with another gang and not just do the overrated Leh Bullet Ride or the Drunk Goa Vacation. Well despite my judgement of Leh & Goa once you do get to your destined spot you know exactly what you got yourself into. A ‘You can’t turn away from this now’ kind of experience!

Guide Two Do not – Pick a career you regret!

  • As philosophical as this sounds, you don’t pick your career, your career picks you. Well at least that’s how it should be. You remember that little passionate moment you had while doing the things that calmed your whole world down? and when some one shun you down saying that, ‘ey that’s just a hobby’ and find something real instead? Well that was your career calling! For eg. Be a CA only if your good being good with numbers not because someone wants you to be one! I won’t even talk about engineering because we all know where that conversation always goes!

Guide Three Do not – Rub someone in the wrong way, ever!

  • Here’s a fun fact. ‘Kindness’ is free of cost. The more you use this the better you achieve. Higher the humility better are your chances to sleep peacefully at night and I do firmly believe that sleeping peacefully at night should be every human’s priority.

Guide Four Do not – Be unhygienic in your body, mind & soul!

  • The world is already filled with filth and the last thing you want is to be affected by it. Don’t always crib to be loved, respected and treated well because all these work like karma. You get back only what you give out to there to the universe. When you give out good vibes i kid you not you have this huge grin stuck in your face and its infectious. A good soul encourages a clean mind and body which keeps you healthy and glowing! But so does tomatoes. So if you can’t be nice to someone? Just stuff that tomato in your mouth and swallow that mean glance away.

Guide Five Do not – Step back!

  • You is presence. Presence is present and when you look back or take a back seat it will only give you regret and a void. If you screwed up? Own up to it. What’s the worse that could happen. You’d face consequences for it. But you knew exactly that would come along when you did what you did. Might as well deal with it now then be depressed about it. Walk up to your loved ones, buy things that make you happy, go take a hike and be where you want to be! Because life is now and you don’t have time to waste things and people that don’t deserve it for no matter what happens don’t stress!

Two more for the lovely person that you are:

Take a walk with your music, adopt a pet and spread love.

Be a human with purpose not a dust speck in this universe.



My alter ego that spills chaos on paper.

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