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I abide.

A tear gently trickled down my face,

I felt a stabbing pain & I know how I feel.

This has happened before &  yet again i feel helpless.

Looks like i missed a glance to figure things out.

I go back in time and return through this memory lane.

There is ‘worry’ that returned, a worry so kind that it affects my calm.

 Your generous attention that I’m a seeker of just wasn’t enough.

Time flies my love, it always has and it always will.

I thought that it will remain the way it was.

Little did I know things were no longer a promise you made.

 And then things changed again.

Everything seems perfect, complete & good.

But ‘worry’ stayed back hiding in some corner dwelling on fear.

It’s time to hit the free way or i’ll be stuck in this black hole and would never get away.

I have respect, love, thanks and an apology to give to you.

For sticking around, for tolerating, for making me feel i’m worthy too.

And with this last tear trickling down,

I owe you a life time of surprises and love.

I abide.



My alter ego that spills chaos on paper.

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