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We walked together and then we stopped,
I walked ahead while I felt your pause,
You followed me solemnly without letting me know,
But I had moved forward for I had found more.
I saw you again and it bothered me, Not because it hurt me but because I ailed you,
Not because you didn’t walk me, but because I didn’t walk you,
I lost a company cause I was mean and nasty.
I should have been a friend but all I did was tore you apart.
My apology for the screams, shouts & quarrels.
I didn’t mean ill, had just a little sorrow,
I vented it out in the most crucial time,
When you needed me and I said ‘I’.
I’m sorry for its my fault.
I take full responsibility for its my fall.
Now I have the best of all,
Having no regrets for every plunge,
I’m happy & so content with my happy balloon,
And I wish the same for you too,
Praying may heavens come down to lift you.
You’ll be tall & proud as you always feel,
May you get all the happiness you have ever dreamed…
-Edwina Jansen.



My alter ego that spills chaos on paper.

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